10 Sewing projects for your home


10 sewing projects for your home

This week a collection of not too tricky projects for your home!

  1. A drawstring bag: the handiest of handy things. Make it big for a laundry bag, medium for a PE bag or small for a gift.

  2. Pillow cases: Great for jazzing up a bedroom cheaply and easily

  3. An apron: a kitchen win, or perhaps a a gift for someone?!

  4. Cushions: Fancy cushions for funky sofas

  5. Floor cushions: a quick and satisfying project to brighten up your room

  6. Ironing board cover: When you’re old one is wearing thin, or covered in burn marks (eek!)

  7. A faux taxidermy Rudolph: ok…….! 

  8. Curtains: If you can find the working space, making your own curtains give you the chance to completely personalise any room!

  9. Fabric storage bins: a great way of using up your scrap stash 

  10. A hamock chair: Ok, most of use don’t have room for this, but one day..!