How to find sewing YouTube channels

Do love seeing what other garments people are sewing? Exploring their stash and their recent fabric purchases? Visually learning sewing tips and tricks?

Then we have several great YouTube channels for you below. There’s already several posts listing sewing YouTubers so we thought we would focus on British ones, they are more likely to be using fabrics and patterns you can easily buy in the UK than the international YouTubers, and may chat about shops you’ve visited. Plus the chances are you could meet them at a sewing meetup one day!

We’ll list them in alphabetical order, just click on their names to visit their You Tube Channels.

Alex Judge Sews 

Alex’s videos share her experiences sewing a contemporary wardrobe that includes those who are over 50. She posts videos most weeks chatting about her sewing plans, new pattern releases and fabric.

Beyond The Pink Door

Andrea started off with a You Tube channel and now runs a lovely online fabric shop too! In her weekly lives she introduces you to her new fabrics and shows you what she’s been sewing. There are also some sewalong posts for various patterns too.

Button & Pip

Adelle’s vlogs show you what she’s been making during her mission to create a handmade wardrobe.… Read More...

How to use Prym Vario Pliers

Prym vario pliers press studs (1)

Prym Vario Pliers are great for adding plastic or metal snaps to your projects. However, they can look a little daunting when you first use them so we thought we’d share a tutorial to help you get to grips with them.

How tp use snap fastenings

First you need to get a matching set of snaps. Each set of snaps needs to make a male snap (the one with the sticky out bit) and a female snap (the one with a hole). You then want a round smooth top to go with the female part of the snap, and a flat base with a narrow sticky up bit to go with the male part. So in the image above the 2 top parts form the male side of the snap, and the 2 bottom pieces form the female side.  If you have a pack with lots of different sizes of snaps them put the 2 female parts together, and same with the 2 male parts to check they fit, to ensure have the right sizes.

Using Prym Vario pliers

You then need to add the correct plastic pieces to the pliers. The cup piece should be large enough for the smooth snap top to snugly fit inside. You can easily pull off any pieces you already have fitted so you can snap them around for the correct ones.… Read More...

Pattern Storage Envelopes

I cannot tell you how long I’ve been looking for a simple, stylish way to store my sewing patterns! So I am stoked to bring you our newest product.. The Pattern Archive Envelope. Study, stylish and with room for you to get creative. No more struggling to get your sewing patterns back into the original envelope.  Best of all is the opportunity to add the pattern artwork to the envelope! A chance for a little creativity! [responsive][/responsive] I’ve always found storing my sewing patterns a bit of a challenge. I tried a few solutions before we developed our storage…

Infographic: Tension

I need to print this huge and put it above my sewing machine!   Source: Quilt Jane… Read More...

Infographic: Sleeves

I love a great infographic! This week I’ve been searching out the best on the web, they’re perfect quick reference for pinning away for a future project. This week, sleeves..     Source: Fractals Lab… Read More...

10 Top tips for beginning a new sewing project

Pre-wash the fabric, yes I know, you wish you’d done it yesterday I know, but it must be done. Trace your pattern pieces, mark the tracings up with the size and all the little notches you need. Your original pattern sheet can be folded and put back pristinely ready for you to trace another size at a later date. [gap height=”30″] Cut out all of your fabric pieces, if you’ve got some sticky labels or masking tape make a little name label for each piece, that way you know what it is and there’s the added bonus of remembering which…