Get more accurate hems with the Hot Hemmer

Find out how to use the Clover hot hemmer to get more accurate hems and make mitered corners too.
Accurate hems with a Hot Hemmer


We thought we’d write a post to tell you more about one of our new products, the Hot Hemmer, and how it can help you get more accurate hems.

This clever product is designed to help you press accurate hems, both straight and curved, but can also be used to make perfect mitered corners as well. It’s made from a heat resistant nylon which allows the steam from the iron to pass through it onto your fabric. It is also non-slip to hold your fabric in place whilst you press.

How to use a Clover Hot Hemmer

How to get perfect accurate straight hems

The simplest way to use the Hem Hemmer is to use the straight edge to fold your fabric around it to the depth you want your hem (up to 10 cms). The material is heat resistant so you can put your iron onto it. It is 15cm long so you won’t have to reposition it too often when pressing your hems.

How to press curved hems

Pressing curved hems with a Hot Hemmer

We all know how tricky it can be pressing a curves. The non-slip material really comes into play here, along with the curved edge on the tool. Allow you to press your fabric into a gentle and even curve. This is ideal for sewing patch pockets with curved corners.


How to get a mitered corner
Mitered corners with a Hot Hemmer

The diagonal line across the Hot Hemmer helps you sew mitered corners with ease. Start by pressing your hem on either side of the corner using the Hot Hemmer to get it to the exact depth you want. Following the steps above for getting an accurate straight hem.

How to do mitered corners

Then make sure the Hot Hemmer is placed so the diagonal line is pointing towards the corner of your fabric, with the corner touching the point your 2 hems intersect.

Hot Hemmer mitered corner

How to sew mitered corners

Fold the bottom hem up over the Hot Hemmer and press in place, them fold the side hem over the Hot Hemmer, the fold line should line up with the diagonal line on the Hot Hemmer. If it does you know you have a prefect mitered corner, press it into place.


Using a hot hemmer for a boxed corner

Boxed corners

The cut out at the top of the Hot Hemmer can use used to measure and mark a boxed corner for a pouch or bag.

With multiple uses the Hot Hemmer is a great addition to your collection of sewing tools. Order one here.