Labels, Pins and Badges – Adding Those Finishing Touches

Learn about the perfect finishing touches to add to your homemade garments.

Adding the finishing touches to your sewing projects

Over the last few months I have totally engrossed myself into creating my own handmade wardrobe.  I have loved every minute, from the planning stage, to choosing patterns, fabrics, sewing and adding those finishing touches.

I am a bit of a perfectionist, and will spend a lot of time faffing about, as my husband calls it, until I am 100% happy with my finished project.  This may mean unpicking a wonky line of top stitching that can only be seen under a microscope but if I know it’s there then I have to make it perfect.

Garment labels

This also goes with adding those extra finishing touches that really makes an outfit or garment.  A sew in label, a vintage button, some pretty bias binding hiding in the seams, or a secret ditsy floral pocket lining made out of my fabric scraps.  No-one else may see any of these special or secret touches, but I know they are there and that’s what makes it all the more special to me.

When sewing I do like to have all the tools and gadgets to hand, so I can get straight on with my dressmaking.  I also like to have quality products and one of my favourite sewing items is the glass head pins, which you can get from Pattern Trace.  They are super sharp, nice and fine and you can iron over them without fear of melting!  They also come in the cutest little box to keep them in.  I have two sets, one that are always on my wrist pin cushion and the other set beside my sewing machine.

Glasshead pins

I also like to use the Washi-tape, which comes in lots of different designs.

Although not a sewing related item as such, I use it to mark my seam allowance lines on the edge of my sewing machine plate.  If you have never used it before, it’s like a masking tape, durable, flexible, adhesive but doesn’t leave a sticky residue and comes in lots of pretty designs.  So, when I start a new project I use my tape to add the seam allowance guide, when I’m finished I just remove it.  It really is an invaluable little item and you get 10 metres on a roll.  Patterntrace have a post about different ways you can use washi tape when sewing.

Using washi tape on your sewing machine

When I am wearing my handmade clothes, knowing the care and attention to detail that each item has been given, really does lift my soul.  I feel so liberated and proud of what I have created.  Knowing that what I make and wear is totally and utterly unique to me.

I have been working on a new dressmaking series called ‘Sew The Look’ on my YouTube Channel, which is all about creating an outfit, or a wardrobe module which is inspired by street styles that I like.  Not wanting to copy but recreate my own version.

Sew your style by Loopy Mabel

For my first ‘Sew the Look’ I wanted it to be not only stylish, beautifully made, and wearable I also wanted it to be perfect inside and out.

So, for the blouse and the trousers I searched through my Nana’s old button tin, and found 3 gorgeous metal buttons for the blouse and an old Bakelite coat button for the trousers.  I mean you wouldn’t get this on ready to wear clothing would you!

garment labels by Kylie and the Machine

I then added one of my sew-in garment labels, which I absolutely love.  They just add a quirky touch.  I have a few of the label designs, but there are lots more to choose from.

Gament labels and enamel pin

Pattern Trace has an extensive selection of garment labels by Kylie and the Machine, so many different designs, and the hardest part is choosing. They also have the option of making your own custom garment labels too.

Clothing labels UK

They also have enamel sewing related badges, and I love mine!  In fact, it goes really well with my new outfit!  To me these little extras are just the icing on the cake.

Dressmaking is a journey, and I am loving every minute of it.

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