Maker’s Workbook: The beginning

Friends it began with this,

paper scrap

Brilliant isn’t it?! 😉

A little while back I decided to get organised,  after making my favourite garments several times over I wished I had a way to document my makes, note down the modifications and keep a record of the fabrics I’d used.
I decided to try writing down the crucial points as I went along, but the scrap of paper you see above  was the result of me making a Socialite Skirt (seriously).

Five minutes after I’d finished I didn’t have a clue what my hieroglyphics meant.

Combining a love of sewing and of beautiful stationery, I wanted a workbook that would make me keep a note of all the information I would want to use in future versions of a garment, and something I could refer back to, because hey it’s nice to be able to sit down and peruse your achievements! and I wanted it to be easy, I don’t want to stop mid stitch and write an essay!

So after much prototyping and trialing. Please welcome on stage the Makers Workbook

Maker's Workbook: Sewing Planner

It’s been a steep learning curve, there have been many paper choices (I’ve chosen a lovely thick paper that will stand up to being scribbled on). So many different binding types – who knew? But it’s now landed from the printers!

So let’s take a look at the workbook in action!