Modern Bunting

So you have a short period of time, you’ve got your machine and let’s face it you can’t be faffed with doing lots of clearing up afterwards but you want a quick satisfying project. How about some very modern bunting? we’re not talking your run of the mill tea party bunting here 😉

DSC_6008 modern bunting
You will need some felt in colours of your choice, the felt will need to be cut into shapes and sizes of your choice. For this you have a few options; a pair of scissors (seems like an ideal little job sat in front of the TV?), a die cut machine if you’re really lucky, or if you’re lazy (like me) you could just buy a bag of felt circles on Ebay 😉
Set your machine up with a thread of your choice, you don’t need anything fancy, in fact I just used the white thread I use for tacking things. Start with your first shape, feed it in under the foot and sew through the middle of it as you get to the end of the first shape feed in the next shape. Don’t worry if they don’t completely meet, the thread between the two will form a little chain and will let the shapes twist nicely when it’s hung.
Just keep feeding in those shapes until you get to the end of your pile, and TA DA! you have a beautiful modern bunting! Perfect for draping up your stairs, over your fireplace, on your plants, pets, desk at work… 🙂
modern bunting
modern bunting