Maker’s Workbook Bundle


Beautiful journals thoughtfully designed for keeping safe the essential details of your makes

We know, you knit and you sew, it’s too difficult to chose your favourite… this is for you. Our workbooks bundled at a fabulously lower price!

Buy two of our Maker’s Workbooks, at a discounted price in this special bundle.  These sewing and quilting organisers will help you keep track of current projects, log past projects and keep an eye on your stash. 

Got a big stash?  Lots of projects on the go?  Don’t worry you can now download extra pages to add into your Maker’s workbook on our download page. 

Free postage on UK orders over £15!

Worldwide delivery is also  available


Additional information

Weight 506 kg
Dimensions 31 × 20.9 × 2.2 cm

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