Makers Workbook: Knitting


Maker’s Workbook is a beautiful journal thoughtfully designed for keeping safe the essential details of your knitting projects

♦ A bespoke contents page, record which knit is recorded where.
♦ Record all your knitting projects, creating a lasting record that you can refer back to time after time, stick in your yarn labels, record the gauge of your swatch and all the measurements you need to know. There’s room for a fantastic 25 projects.
♦ Room for designing  your own knitting patterns, squared paper for working out patterns or your doodles for ‘next time..’ all in one place.
♦ Plan your next knitting project, list your stashed yarn complete with colour and dye lot together with patterns in your ‘to make’ queue.
♦ Knitting reference, an invaluable guide to the most common abbreviations, and a needle and cable inventory

See the workbook in action in a short video!

Download extra pages to expand your workbook if you knit lots of projects, or have a big stash to log!

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Dimensions 35 × 20 × 1.7 cm
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