Pattern Storage Envelopes (10 pack)

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A simple, stylish sewing pattern archive

Transform your sewing pattern collection into a beautiful illustrated library!

Let’s get specific;

  • The envelopes are a little larger than A4 (36.5cm x 23cm / 14.4 in x 9.1in), with a side and top gusset, bags of room for your folded pattern pieces.
  • There’s room for the pattern artwork! Either cut out and stick on the pattern company’s illustration – or draw your own 🙂
  • Notes – there’s always something you need to know for next time.
  • Ideal for storing patterns you have traced with our Swedish Tracing Paper Patterntrace.

See our blog post for our top tips on using your envelopes including why washi tape is your best friend!

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2 reviews for Pattern Storage Envelopes (10 pack)

  1. Donna Bond (verified owner)

    These are absolutely fantastic envelopes, I don’t like to cut my patterns and trace them. These envelopes are just the perfect size to hold it all neat and tidy. The service was outstanding too! 10/10

  2. Dina Warde (verified owner)

    Just perfect, as Donna has already said perfect for holding my traced patterns. I have borrowed my daughter’s instant camera for a picture on the front. I really love to sort my patterns out and gave them look good.

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