Patterntrace – 10m Swedish Tracing Paper

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  • Make garments that fit!
  • Purchase 10 rolls at a special bundle price here.

Patterntrace is a soft and translucent Swedish tracing paper which is ideal for dressmakers, durable but easy to see through, excellent for copying the detail from existing patterns. A generous 1m wide roll contains 10m of paper.  

Trace your expensive paper sewing patterns into multiple sizes. Make clothes for a friend or a growing child.

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Made with sustainable abaca fibres this paper is much more durable and tear resistant than regular paper. Plus its eco-friendly properties mean you can compost your leftovers. Read our blog post about the benefits of using Patterntrace.

  1. My conclusion is that for tracing pattern pieces Patterntrace Swedish Tracing Paper is excellent. It has good transparency, lies flat, is easy to draw on and easy to apply tape to – I’m a convert!

This is amazing stuff which can be used for tracing off patterns and making toiles. One of the advantages is that it is 1m wide so there’s no sticking together of bits of tracing paper that aren’t quite big enough!

Our favourite product for transferring patterns is Swedish tracing paper.

This paper is the BEST tracing paper I have ever used. It is really robust and great to trace your patterns on to as they will last much longer than just using the paper patterns. You can also mark it easily so I make notes on the pattern pieces as I go.

I have been using this paper for a long time having tried various other brands/types and can honestly say that it is the best tracing paper available. You can draft patterns on it directly, again due to the strength of the paper. I have patterns on Patterntrace Swedish Tracing Paper that have been reused countless times and are just as stable as when first made.



7 reviews for Patterntrace – 10m Swedish Tracing Paper

  1. Creative Industry

    Love this product, it works great. Bought the double pack from you at a great price and delivery was super quick. Now have my friend using it too. – Tina via Facebook

  2. Creative Industry

    Excellent product, can highly recommend! – Karen via Facebook

  3. chalestorm

    I always hated tracing patterns but this has made life so much easier. Slightly stronger than dressmakers tracing paper is precious used and the fact that it come on a roll makes life so much easier!!! I won’t be buying anything else!

  4. theobald-abc (verified owner)

    I’m a newbie to the wonder of swedish tracing paper…….you can even sew this stuff….it’s brilliant!!

  5. Clare

    I’ve been using this tracing paper for 4 or 5 years now and it’s the best! I’ve given up trying cheaper brands because there’s no comparison and after a few goes they just sit there in the corner gathering dust. This stuff is strong and supple. First thing I do with any pattern is trace out my size so I love how easily this stores in a plastic folder when cut, then irons flat for re-use. I’ve used it for practising any tricky steps of a new pattern and it handles well. It’s great with Scotch tape too.

    Although delivery is free in the UK, the £12 postal charge to Ireland almost doubles the cost of a single roll so I tend to buy this brand from another supplier.

  6. anne007 (verified owner)

    I love this tracing paper when tracing of my patterns l used before burda tracing paper and it ripped alot when trying to fit it on. This Swedish tracing paper is so good that you can see it together which saves using pins. Would recommend it.

  7. Dina Warde

    Great tracing paper. Easy to write and draw on. Makes keeping original patterns for re-use easy.

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