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The Pietra trousers & shorts are the best of both worlds; a flat front, high-waisted silhouette with the comfort of an elastic waist in the back. Featuring lengthening panels in the front with slanted hip pockets and a hidden waist stay, they are so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off. Designed by Closet Core Patterns. 

Choose between four leg styles: a wide leg in floor-skimming or cropped length (View A), a slim and tapered leg (View B), or gently flared shorts (View C).

(The top featured in the photographs is the Cielo top)

Difficulty: Intermediate

Size: 0-20 (NB sizes don’t correlate with ready to wear sizes, please check the measurement table below)

Suggested Fabric:  This pattern can be made with a variety of fabrics depending on the desired effect. For a more defined shape, use structured wovens such as linen, chambray, or lightweight denim or twill (heavyweight wovens may create too much volume at the elastic waist). For a swishy, glamorous look, use rayon challis, tencel, or silk.

  • 2” (50mm) wide elastic, knit or woven (1 yd / .9m)
  • Lightweight non-stretch fusible interfacing (.25 yd / .25m)
  • Polyester thread
  • Marking tool

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View A – Full length pants
Sizes 0-20: 0-14 = 3.25yd / 3m, 16-20 = 3.5yd / 3.2m

View A – Cropped pants
Sizes 0-20: 0-14 = 3yd / 2.75m, 16-20 = 3.25yd / 3m

View B
Sizes 0-20: 0-8 = 2.5yd / 2.25m, 10-14 = 2.5yd / 2.25m, 16-20 = 3yd/2.75m

View C
Sizes 0-20: 0-8 = 1.5yd / 1.4m, 10-20 = 1.75yd / 1.6m


View A – Full length pants
Sizes 0-20: 0-14 = 2.5yd / 2.25m, 16-20 = 2.75 yd / 2.5m

View A – Cropped pants
Sizes 0-20: 0-14 = 2.25yd / 2m, 16-20 = 2.5 yd / 2.25m

View B
Sizes 0-20: 0-8 = 2yd / 1.85m, 10-20 = 2.25yd / 2m

View C
Sizes 0-20: All sizes = 1.25yd / 1.15m

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