SpoolPod Bundle


This bundle includes one roll of Patterntrace and 3 Spoolpods! 


Patterntrace (Swedish Tracing Paper) 

Making clothes for a friend or a growing child? Trace your sewing pattern pieces into multiple sizes! A soft and translucent paper, resistant to tear but easy to see through, making it excellent for copying the detail from existing patterns.

♦ Ideal for taking copies of delicate tissue paper patterns
copying a pattern to use in multiple sizes
making alterations to existing sewing patterns
or making a sewing pattern from a piece of clothing

SpoolPod, your new best friend..

It’s time to keep your matching bobbin and thread spool together! this bundle comprises 3  SpoolPods, enough room for 30 reels of thread and their matching bobbins.

A single SpoolPod lets you store 10 spools and their matching bobbins together. It stacks to go in drawers and on shelves, it’s flexible (stash it in a bag?), and will generally make you feel like an organisational ninja. The individual pods are 1.8cm x 7.7cm and stretch a little to fit spools from a variety of brands. 

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