SpoolPod, your new best friend..

It’s time to keep your matching bobbin and thread spool together!

This is the end of searching through a tin of bobbins and ending up using a navy blue bobbin with a black spool of thread (I’ve been there too..)


SpoolPod lets you store 10 thread spools and their matching bobbins. It stacks to go in drawers and on shelves, it’s flexible (stash it in a bag?), and will make you feel like an organisational ninja.

Try one for size, or for prime Pinterest-perfection a pack of 5.

The individual pods are 1.8cm x 7.7cm and stretch a little. Sorry the thread isn’t included πŸ˜‰ but you have plenty of your own, don’t you…?!

Made from silicone SpoolPod grips your thread and bobbins so they won’t fall out, even if you tip it upside down or shake it (yes we tried that!) The flexibility of the silicone means it can store threads from several different brands including Gutermann, Aurifil and Coats even though each brand’s spool is different in size.Β  The external dimensions are 25.5cm x 9.5cm and 2cm deep

Check out our free tutorial for a SpoolPod pouch which stores 4 SpoolPods at once.

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5 reviews for SpoolPod

  1. Valerie (verified owner)

    A great way to keep your thread and bobbins together. I like them so much that I have just ordered a second set of five pods.

  2. j.j.slater (verified owner)

    I’ve just been given a single spool pod for Christmas and have immediately ordered 5 more! They are great for keeping everything together and I’ve been looking for a new solution as our cat has decided to use my current thread storage as a toy and flicks them all over the house! This way he won’t be able to get at them but I can keep all my threads and bobbins together πŸ™‚

  3. gill.dodsworth

    These are absolutely brilliant. Such a simple idea that really works. Just need a storage box to keep them in now x 😊

  4. sophiethorpe (verified owner)

    I love these pods! I had a box filled with random threads and various ways to keep full bobbins but none of them stopped them unravelling. This does! And it fits my coats thread too!

  5. Susan Jones (verified owner)

    Just ordered my second lot of 5 Spoolpods. They are great and even fit in some of my bigger HD9 bobbins. I’ve ordered some more to use to store Cricut Blades.

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