Quilt Blocks

Our own quilt block tutorials

In our Quilting Maker’s Workbook we have included 10 free quilt block tutorials for you. We thought we’d add some of our own block tutorials and link to some other quilt blocks available on other websites in case you want to make a full sampler quilt or sampler cushion – or just want to improve your skills by trying new blocks. Click on the block name to be taken to the tutorial.

Our quilt block tutorials are all foundation pieced using our foundation paper.

Free Pineapple block pattern
Pineapple block – 6.5 inches

How to make a wonky log cabin block
Wonky log cabin – 6.5 inches
Kaleidoscope quilt block tutorial
Kaleidoscape block – 6.5 inches

Economy block tutorial for beginners
Economy block – 6.5 inches

Quilt block tutorials from other websites

Bento Box quilt block (12.5 inch block)

Hour Glass block (12.5 inch block)

Log Cabin block (3 different size blocks)

Amish Start quilt block (3 different size blocks)

Spinning Block (16.5 inch block)

Disappearing Nine Patch Block (3 different block sizes)

Disappearing 9 Patch Criss Cross Cut (13 inch block)

Flying Geese Quilt Block (12.5 inch block)

Sawtooth Star Quilt Block (Multiple block sizes)

Bear Paw Quilt Block (12.5 inch block)

Double Bear Paw Quilt Block (18.5 inch block)

Arrowhead Quilt Block (7.5 inch block)

Rasberry Kiss Block (4.25 or 8.5 inch block)

Celtic Kiss quilt block (12.5 inch block)

Broken Dishes quilt block (9.5 inch block)

Drunkards Patch quilt block (6.5 inch block)

Visit our quilt blocks board on Pinterest for more quilt block inspiration.