Sewing Room Organisation

I’ve been doing some research this week for some new products (secrets for the moment!) relating to sewing room organisation, I’ve found some fantastic solutions whilst in the depths of pinterest, I’ve rounded up the best and where possible have linked to the original source.

  1. I’ve actually done somethign very similar on my sewing table, the tape measure cost less than a pound and I use it all the time. (Pic: Melly Sews)[gap height=”30″]
  2. Keep your rogue length of sewing elastic or bias binding in check with some bull dog clips. I’ve also found this a really useful trick for keeping USB cables under control! (Pic from Craftsy)[gap height=”30″]
  3. This is what I aspire to! A pill box used as an organiser for different sewing machine needles (first I need to remember to actually change the needles..) (Pic from Hand sewn and home grown)[gap height=”30″]
    Note: I have since designed a needle store. 
  4. Not strictly ‘organisation’, but something on my to do list is to get my scissors sharpened. Turns out it’s not so tricky, there are a variety of methods but it looks like cutting through six layers of foil might do the trick! (Pic from So Sew Easy)[gap height=”30″]
  5. sewing drawersThese homemade drawer dividers are an excellent solution for keeping things in order, who knew you could make them so simply?! (Pic and more info from IHeartOrganizing)[gap height=”30″]
  6. sewing thread holderand last but certainly not least, fulfilling all the requirements for beauty and organisation how about this amazing thread holder?! (pic from Something Turquoise)