A Start-up Tale

It was 2014 and Tilly Walnes was on the TV on the Great British Sewing Bee. Tilly mentioned using ‘Swedish Tracing Paper’ to make a new pattern for a garment one of the challenges. I thought this sounded like useful stuff, so I set about tracking it down. As it turned out I found it, in the USA. With a contact in the UK paper industry I decided to see if it was possible to produce it in the UK. After a lot of discussions and a few test runs I decided it was and set about making it into the product you see today.

In the early days I was heaving the bulk paper rolls (weighing 25kg!) in and out of my car boot! Time’s moved on a bit and I still heave move large numbers of rolls around, but now they arrive by the pallet-load! (you’re busy people!)

In 2017 we trademarked the brand name ‘Patterntrace’ for our Swedish Tracing Paper after putting it to a customer vote

In 2018 Fiona joined Creative Industry as Sales & Marketing Manager, she’s the mastermind behind our social media and developing relationships with reviewers, if you’ve got an audience who would love our products drop Fiona a line with your idea (Fiona@patterntrace.com)! 

Most recently in 2019 we have re-branded all of our products under the Patterntrace brand and have moved to a website of the same name.

The business strives to produce excellent tools for crafters in a variety of fields, your feedback is always appreciated. Products are available online or via a number of fabulous stockists.


Owner, Product Designer, Shipping Expert, Tea Maker

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