Tracing patterns for children

Tracing sewing patterns for kids

One thing you can rely on is that children are always growing! There are so many brilliant childrens patterns on the market and most of them cover a very large size range making them excellent value. We were gifted a copy of Two Stitches Charlie Hoodie so we could show you how to really make the most of sewing for the small people in your life!

First things first, this is a beautifully presented pattern, the stitching on the spine especially is just perfect!

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I’m making the hoodie for my nephew who’s about to turn 1, so I’m making the 12-18m size, but the pattern covers 6m to 9 years which if you’re clever is an awful lot of hoodies for the price of a pattern!

The key here is not to cut into the pattern sheet, I know you want to, and I know it’s marginally quicker that way, but believe me, in the long run you’ll be thanking me!

The Charlie Hoodie pattern fits on to one huge sheet of paper, I had to spread it out on the kitchen floor,

tracing child's sewing patter

We’re going to trace off the size that we’re making, in my case 12-18m, I used an ordinary biro but a pencil would work just as well (don’t use a felt pen/sharpie if you don’t want to leave marks on the original pattern sheet).… Read More...