Talking: The Foldline

the foldine
The Foldline is a fabulous online sewing community the place to chat, swap skills and to top it all they have a super pattern search facility. I caught up with them for a chat;
Let’s start from the beginning, who are you guys and how would you explain The Foldline to someone who’s never visited?
We are Kate and Rachel and we run an online sewing community called The Fold Line. The site has a massive database of sewing patterns with a great search function and an active forum where you can chat to other like-minded sewists. There is also a blog where we post lots of interesting articles and a weekly post about news from the sewing world. Plus you can read lots of pattern reviews. We have also just launched a project storing facility so you can plan your upcoming makes!
Have you been lifelong sewers or is it a more recent interest? Did you ever think it would become your job?!
We both came to it from different angles, I studied fashion design at university and Rachel decided to have a change of career from working in the sciences. We both run The Fold Line part time and Rachel also works at Sew Over It where she manages pattern production. I do online marketing for small creative businesses. We have both sewn since we were small, sadly although we spend all our time talking about it we still don’t get to do as much as we’d like!
I know I’m not alone in loving your pattern search facility, it’s perfect when you have some sort of idea in mind (say, a quick skirt, or a stretch dress) and are looking for a pattern to satisfy your inspiration. Where did the idea come from? What are the most popular patterns?!
We are so pleased you like it! The idea came for searching the internet for hours trying to find a pattern to match the idea I had in my head and realising there wasn’t an online database to search through. This meant visiting loads of sites and often not finding what I wanted. We wanted it to be as useful as possible so added lots of filters to help people find what they are looking for. For example, you can search for a dress with a fitted bodice, full skirt and sleeves and it will show you everything from both the independent and commercial pattern companies.
I think we might be stash-busting partners in crime, your stash pages and our Maker’s Workbook pages are on and off-line cousins! So this must mean you have your stash all under control..?! 
I know between us we can sort out anyone’s stash! I’d like to say I practice what I preach but my fabric storage is chaos! I have it scattered around my flat in drawers that are bursting at the seams. It’s on my to-do list to get it sorted.. it’s been on there for years!
The Sewing Bee is back on our screens very soon, would you ever be tempted to apply?!
Absolutely not! The pressure of not swearing at your machine or pulling strange sewing faces has been enough to put us off. I also think having Patrick Grant in the same room would be far too distracting!
And finally:
What machine do you sew on?
I sew on a Bernina activa 230 and she’s an absolute dream. I’ve had her for about 5 years and she’s never let me down.
Your preferred sewing beverage and biscuit?
By day it’s Yorkshire tea and by night, a large glass of wine. The wine colour depends on my fabric colour and I match accordingly.
If you had to pick one pattern to take with you to a desert island which would it be?!
Tough one.. I’m going to pick a pattern I haven’t made yet but it’s been on my make list for a while – the Fancy Tiger Crafts Fen dress. It looks like a simple make and I can see it becoming a wardrobe staple.
You can find the Foldline right here, on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram