6 Tips for Sewing With Leather

Learn how to sew with leather with these useful sewing tips.
Sewing with leather
Sewing with leather

After adding the gorgeous handmade leather labels to our range (shown below) we thought we’d share a few tips for sewing with leather so you don’t feel daunted.

  1. Use a leather needle, it will penetrate the leather more efficiently than your regular needle making it easier to sew.
  2.  Use a Teflon non-stick sewing machine foot, or a roller foot to help the leather move smoothly through your machine. If you don’t have one try laying a sheet of tissue paper on top and tear it away afterwards.
  3. Don’t use pins or clips on leather, it will make it. Use pattern weights to hold it in place or alternatively you can use double sided tape.
  4. Use a longer than normal stitch for sewing leather, around 3.5 to 4 works well. Sew a test piece first because you may need to reduce your tension to about half what it normally is.
  5. Use a nylon or polyester thread, cotton thread will deteriorate in time due to the tannins in the leather.
  6. Don’t rush! You will make holes that cannot be removed when you stitch on leather so go slowly and carefully so reduce the chance of mistakes.

Leather label patch for handmade jeans

Enjoy making your leather creations or sewing our ‘handmade’ leather labels which are ideal for bag making.